How to define conditions

To define conditions for a form field, you need to specify the criteria under which the field should be shown or hidden. This can be done using a combination of rules and conditions.

Rules define the overall structure of the conditional logic, while conditions define the specific criteria that must be met for the rule to apply. For example, you could create a rule that says “If the user selects "Yes" for question A, show question B”. The condition, in this case, is that the user must select “Yes” for question A.

Using All/Any Operators

You can use "All” and “Any” operators to define multiple conditions for a rule. If you use the “All” operator, all conditions must be met for the rule to apply. If you use the “Any” operator, only one of the conditions needs to be met for the rule to apply.

Creating Multiple Rules

You can create multiple rules for a single form field, each with its own set of conditions. This allows you to create more complex conditional logic that can adapt to a wider range of user inputs.

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